Asado’s New Tango Menu

12 Jul 2013

Celebrate Argentinean Wagyu in five juicy courses

For a welcome departure from the heat of summer, Asado in The Palace Downtown Dubai feels like a little getaway to Argentina. Sure, there’s some heat but it’s tucked away behind a glass wall and being used to slow-roast some baby goat. In fact, it’s the UAE’s only restaurant serving cabrito... Back to the point, Asado has a new Tango menu dedicated to Argentinean Wagyu and showcasing the delicious beef in different preparations. A five-course set menu, the meat-feast commences with a 24 to 48-hour cold-cured Wagyu served with smoked watermelon, which is housed in a little glass dome that’s opened at your table to reveal a little cloud of aromatic smoke. The inventive dish is rounded off with Parmesan ice cream and a forkful containing all three components in a single bite is tastebud bliss. Watermelon gazpacho cleans the palate in preparation for the next course which is a generous tasting plate featuring tenderloin, sirloin and rib-eye. With quality marbling, each cut is incredibly juicy without being fatty and simple grilling with salt and pepper is all the treatment this meat needs. Although a selection of flavoured salts and mustards – particularly the garlic and herb one – are welcome condiments. The meal comes to a sweet finish with an apple tart with caramel ice cream, it’s light and not overly sweet which means you leave satisfied but not uncomfortable.
INFO: Dhs400 per person, open from 7pm to 12pm, The Palace Downtown Dubai, 04 888 3444,

Must-try: Argentinean Wagyu sirloin