Artichoke-stuffed Lamb Rack with Fresh Blueberries and Spicy Chocolate Glaze

Enjoy the delish flavours of this yummy dish from Certo in Radisson Blu, Dubai Media City
Monday , 09 July 2012
Artichoke-stuffed Lamb Rack with Fresh Blueberries and Spicy Chocolate Glaze
Artichoke-stuffed Lamb Rack with Fresh Blueberries and Spicy Chocolate Glaze

Serves 2

700g lamb rack
150g artichokes
30g parsley
100ml white vino
50g each of green and yellow zucchini
100g carrots
30g each of red and yellow capsicum
40g onion
4 asparagus spears
80g potato
Rosemary or thyme, to taste
2 oranges
2 limes
1 lemon
1 mandarin
1 grapefruit
30g blueberries
40g dark chocolate
40g butter
A pinch of chilli
30g sugar
Salt and pepper, to taste
100ml extra virgin olive oil

Clean and peel the artichoke, then cut into very thin slices and place in cold water with lemon juice. Heat up a pan; add some extra virgin olive oil then the artichokes and sauté for a few minutes. Add white vino (optional) and chopped parsley and salt and pepper to taste.
2. Cut open the lamb rack butterfly style and place the artichokes inside. Then roll the lamb and close up with a toothpick.
3. Start cooking the lamb in a pan with some extra virgin olive oil, searing all the sides and then finish baking it in the oven for 15 minutes at 180C.
4. Peel the potatoes and slice (use a ring to get a perfectly round shape), put them in a pan with a little bit of boiling water for a few minutes, then remove and marinate with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and rosemary. Just before serving, pan-sear them until crispy.
5. Blanch the asparagus for 1 minute in boiling water.
6. In the meantime, wash all the vegetables and julienne, then sauté for a few minutes and season with salt and pepper. You can also add any herbs you prefer, we like thyme or rosemary.

For the Sauces
Caramelise the sugar, then add the julienned citrus fruits and their juices. Let it reduce a little, and just before serving add the blueberries.
For the chocolate sauce, melt the butter and the dark chocolate, add the chilli and let it cook on a low heat for a few minutes to enhance the flavour of the chilli.

To Serve
Once the lamb is ready, remove it from the oven and then carve it along the bones into cutlets.
Place the veggies in the centre of the plate, lay the cutlets, add the potatoes and drizzle the sauces around. Use the asparagus to garnish.

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