Around the World 'Game of Thrones' style

Attention Thronies! From Seville to Morocco, explore the shows iconic filming locations...
ByIsobel Forester-BennettMonday , 24 July 2017
Around the World 'Game of Thrones' style
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With season 7 upon us, the world is once again infatuated by Game of Thrones. And it seems watching the show is not enough for Thronies (that’s the name for Game of Thrones fans, in case you didn’t know). Fans of the show are keen to visit the actual Game of Thrones set, shown in a recent spike in travel for the filming locations revealed by

One of the show’s most iconic landscapes, Beyond the Wall, is filmed in Iceland. Since 2014, this location has seen an increase in over 285% online searches from fans of the show keen to visit the renowned location. Other set locations from Game of Thrones include the powerful city of of Braavos and the city of Meereen, both of which are filmed in Croatia. There have since been 120% more online travel searches to Croatia. And with season 5 taking to the warm climates of Seville for scenes set in Dorne, it is no surprise searches to this destination have increased by 145%.

Thronies, if you are not already planning a ‘Game of Thrones’ style pilgrimage, you will be after looking at these chic hotels. So, here are some of the best places to stay when visiting the shows famous filming locations:

Myvatn, Iceland - Beyond the Wall

Lake Myvatn is the location behind the shows legendary Beyond the Wall. Just 30 minutes away lies the newly opened hotel, Fosshotel Myvtan which looks like something out of a Bond film. Here you can roam the wilderness like the Wildings and White Walkers. Then take a break from all that walking and visit one of Icelandic’s renowned natural baths. Nearby you will find the breathtakingly beautiful Myvatn Nature Baths.
INFO: Fosshotel Myvatn, from Dhs808/night per room.

Seville, Spain – Water Gardens of Dorne

Now time to visit the southernmost part of Westeros, the decadent world of Dorne lies here. The Hotel Boutique Elvira Plaza is just a stone’s throw from the Seville’s majestic Alcazar, aka the residence of the House Martell. This light and bright hotel will have you thankful that Game of Thrones is filmed in at least one warmer climate!
INFO: Hotel Boutique Elvira Plaza, from Dhs331/night per room.

Split, Croatia – Meereen

Sleep like royalty at the 4 star Bella Notte Di Spalato. Located next to the ancient Diocletian’s Palace, this hotels architecture is heavily influenced by its historic surroundings. Get lost in the cobble streets of Split and for a split second, you will be mistaking it for Meereen.
INFO: Bella Notte De Spalato, from Dhs746/night per room.

Sibenik, Croatia – Braavos

Continue exploring the South of Westeros on this Croatian chunk of your tour. Here you will find quaint red roofs, white sand beaches and plenty of renaissance architecture. This destination has a CV to impress any travel agent, and the Heritage Hotel Life Palace will not dissappoint.
INFO: Heritage Hotel Life Palace, from Dhs683/night per room.

Belfast, Northern Ireland – The Iron Islands

Northern Ireland is home to a great deal of Game of Thrones filming. Soak up the surroundings in the contemporary Malmaison Belfast, which is just as chic and contemporary as the name suggests. True Thronies can enjoy a studio tour where you may even get to meet some of the cast...yes seriously!
INFO: Malmaison Belfast, from Dhs604/night per room.

Essaouira, Morocco – Astapor

Ever wondered where Astapor really is? It is filmed in the ancient city of Essaouira in Morocco. This traditional Moroccan hotel will have you feeling like you are travelling back in time to the world of Essos.
INFO: Dar L ‘Oussia, from Dhs292/night per room.

Ait Benhaddou, Morocco – Yunkai the Yellow City

Hidden between Marrakech and the Sahara desert, lies Ait Benhaddu. This was the location for the slave trading city of Yunkai. Ait Benhaddu is made entirely of clay and its ancient streets will have you feeling like you have stepped right on to the Game of Thrones set. In the centre of it all is the affordable Dar El Haja.
INFO: Dar El Haja, from AED 211 per room per night.

There you have it Thronies, your next holiday planned!

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