Armani/Dolci Honours Ramadan

Celebrate with the refined praline created as a tribute to the Holy Month
Monday , 09 July 2012
Armani/Dolci Honours Ramadan
The Armani/Dolci Praline

Armani/Dolci has launched a refined praline in tribute to the Holy Month. The dark chocolate praline is blue, while the top part in gold is emblazoned with the distinctive Armani ‘A’ in relief. And it doesn’t just look pretty; the soft cream filling wins you over with its tasty notes of cardamom and saffron – spices inspired by the intensely aromatic and fragrant traditional Arabian coffee.

Keeping with the fashion brand’s sleek look, the packaging includes a precious gilt paper wrapping with a mother of pearl sheen and golden accents. The package is wrapped in gold satin ribbon, printed with a tonal logo and the words Ramadan Kareem & Eid Mubarak. The ribbon is sealed with a white enamelled metal pendant, decorated with the Armani/Dolci logo in gold lettering.

INFO: Available at Emporio Armani Caffe at Mall of the Emirates, 04 341 0591, and Armani/Dubai Caffe at The Dubai Mall, 04 339 8396.  

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