Ariana Grande Walks Out on a Photo Shoot

Bang Bang Singer’s ego implodes at work in Australia
ByRashmi JeetendraTuesday , 09 September 2014
Ariana Grande Walks Out on a Photo Shoot
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If you were wondering how long it would take Ariana Grande to completely transform herself into the diva Mariah Carey, to whom she’s often compared to, well, think no more, the transformation is under process and looks like it’s a success. The petite starlet reportedly walked right out of a photo shoot for an Australiean magazine when her diva demands weren’t being met.

According to sources present at the promotional visit, the Problem singer’s team requested the media to refrain from asking the 21-year-old “touchy” questions, such as news about her imitating Mariah Carey, updates about her past, present and future relationships, about her reported spat with Jennette McCurdy, about the nature of her relationship with Justin Bieber, and lastly, about her grandfather, who recently passed away.

So, basically don’t ask questions about anything!

And as if that weren’t restrictive and enough, during the photo shoot Ms Grande also insisted on being shot only from the left side, and never with natural light. And then in between every single frame, she demanded to see the photos, and insisted the photographers delete any stills she was unhappy with.

It doesn’t end there, a few minutes into the shoot, she left the luxe hotel suite, complaining to her team that her top didn’t look good in the photos. Everyone assumed that she was only going back to her own room to change, but after waiting twenty minutes, one of Ariana’s representatives returned without her, and cancelling the rest of the day’s interviews and demanding that the photographers delete all images from the cut-short session.

So young yet so harsh, be careful young Ari you’ve only just started.

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