Ariana Grande admits she wears 'exaggerated' costumes to protect herself

You do you, girl!
ByJulianne TolentinoFriday , 12 July 2019
Ariana Grande admits she wears 'exaggerated' costumes to protect herself

To be Ariana, you gotta dress like Ariana.

That means sleek, high ponytails, pink mini dresses, and heeled knee-high boots.

There's always a particular look celebrities are known for, but Ariana has one of the most iconic signature get-ups. We recognize that side-profile from miles away!

But believe it or not, many have criticized her for her over-the-top image. Her fun and quirky side don't seem to fit too well with the people.

Though, Ariana may have been aware of that issue as she clarifies her 'exaggerated' image on an interview with US Vogue Magazine.

The Grammy-award winning artist admits that it's definitely not a coincidence that she dresses up the way she does.

She said: "I like having my funny character that I play that feels like this exaggerated version of myself". She continues, "It protects me. But also I love disrupting it for the sake of my fans and making clear that I’m a person – because that’s something I enjoy fighting for. I can’t help disrupt it.”

We love a self-loving queen!

The Thank U, Next singer also reveals that her on-screen character is actually super different from the Ariana away from the public's eye.

Either way, the pop star's fans are giving their full support while she continues to slay the music scene.

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