Are You a T'Town Trivia Expert?

25 Apr 2012

From Katie Holmes and Lindsay Lohan to Halle Berry and Paris Hilton, match the famous faces to their factoid

On the red carpet, these glamorous ladies look picture perfect, but dig a little deeper and they’ve got some hidden secrets! One starlet can never wear chic Manolos because of her size 9 feet, another was almost arrested for sunbathing topless right before her prom and then there’s the actress who sent Matt Damon an inflatable bed and never heard a word back. Whoops! But along with the bad, comes the good. Did you know that one of these actresses can play the accordion, another saved her brother from drowning and yet another leading lady boasts T’Town’s most kissable lips! Are you a celeb trivia expert? Test your knowledge right here and see if you can beat your mates!

1. This actress had a hero moment when she rescued her little brother, nickname “Codester”, from drowning.

2. She almost got arrested on the day of her prom for sunbathing topless in a park!

3. She lost out on the role of Samantha in Bewitched to Nicole Kidman and used to spend every Thanksgiving with Steven Spielberg.

4. She has the dubious honour of starring in the lowest-earning movie in recorded history. It grossed Dhs110 at the box office.

5. She’s been known to give fans lectures on how pointless autographs are instead of signing their memorabilia!

6. When a director tried to push her into doing a nude scene, she secretly stole his flask and peed in it!

7. This actress is fluent in four languages, was an aerobics instructor and loves to play the accordion.

8. When she heard Matt Damon say he felt like he didn’t have his own bed, she sent him an inflatable one!

9. This actress is not very tech savvy! She said, “I know how to get on the Web, but I haven’t crossed over into the internet world.”

10. One of her bras got a bid of Dhs3,700 on eBay and her lips were once voted “most kissable” in a poll conducted by Colgate.

11. She once confessed that a protein shake she was drinking on set of a movie to build muscle also caused her to, ahem, pass a little gas.

12. Boasting size 9 feet, this starlet said, “All those super cute shoes like Guccis and Manolos look like clown shoes on me.”

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