Are You Ready for 'Blond' Chocolate from Valrhona in the UAE?

It's not, dark, milk or white! A new 'blond' chocolate will be unveiled at Gourmet Abu Dhabi by top French brand Valrhona
Monday , 31 December 2012
Are You Ready for 'Blond' Chocolate from Valrhona in the UAE?
Who's up for chocolate with a twist?

It’s set to make tastebuds tingle — a brand new type of chocolate has been created and is to be launched in the UAE capital.

Called Dulcey, the world’s first 'blond' chocolate will be introduced via its distributor, Chef Middle East, at Gourmet Abu Dhabi, which runs in the UAE capital from 5 to 20 February.

Zeyneb Larabi, Middle East Sales Managerfor Valrhona, which is sold at upmarket stores around the world, said: “All I can tell you is that it is not dark chocolate, it is not milk chocolate and it is not white chocolate. Smelling of toasted Breton shortbread and caramelised milk with intense biscuity flavours and a creamy texture, Dulcey is a completely new creation by Valrhona and an irresistible chocolate taste sensation. We expect it will totally tantalise gastronomic tastebuds when presented by our ambassador master chefs and patissiers during Gourmet Abu Dhabi.”

The chocolate will be unveiled at a special dinner during the event’s first week. New culinary initiatives, a focus on traditional Emirati dining and local ingredients will be part of the fifth annual Gourmet Abu Dhabi.

INFO:  Gourmet Abu Dhabi, 5 to 20 February, reservations open at the end of January,

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