Are Rihanna and Chris Brown getting BACK TOGETHER?!

Friends close to the former couple have spoken out about a possible reunion
ByAndre NevelingTuesday , 08 September 2015
Are Rihanna and Chris Brown getting BACK TOGETHER?!
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Rihanna may get back together with Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s friends are trying to get the former couple back together, according to new reports.

The stars dated until Chris infamously beat Rihanna up in an altercation on the eve of the Grammy Awards in 2009 and was handed an assault conviction. They briefly reunited in 2013, and now those close to the former lovers insist they are still interested in each other. A source revealed: "His friends are trying to make the case for him and it's not like RiRi doesn't love him anymore, she still does, but she is much more mature and focused now and will not settle for anything that is not serious and fully committed. His friends are pushing him to go get your girl before someone else does."

Rihanna recently met up with Chris at a basketball game and her father, who was with her at the time, admits she did not seem that interested in her ex-boyfriend. Ronald Fenty tells MTV: "I don't know what their relationship is now. At the basketball, they just said hi and hello. When we was going to the car park he was trying to talk with her but she turned and was talking to somebody else, so he came and talked to me and I had a picture with him."

However, it seems Dad Fenty is keen for his daughter to stay away from her former lover, adding: "This recycling thing don't work for everything... Chris Brown is a player; he ain't ready for no one women yet (sic). He's a party guy."

We must admit… we agree! 

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