Are Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck back on?

The duo are patching things up after Ben confessed his sins
ByPaul MartinMonday , 30 November 2015
Are Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck back on?
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Jennifer Garner is still reeling from accusations that her husband Ben Affleck cheated with the nanny. But the duo, both 43, have stunned friends by claiming they’re giving their troubled marriage another shot – after Ben vowed to kerb his womanising and gambling once and for all.

Divorce On Hold!
Ahlan! can reveal that the Hollywood couple have sensationally called off their divorce – and sources say Ben has dramatically turned to religion and the church to help turn his life around. Now Jennifer is planning to forgive, but not forget and has told her closest friends she’ll give the relationship a ‘trial run’ to see if Ben really has turned his troubled life around. Affleck and Garner revealed in June that they were splitting up after 10 years of marriage. It’s been rumoured that one of the reasons for the break up was his affair with the nanny of their three children, Christine Ouzounian.



Couples Counselling
But the relationship has taken a dramatic turn for the better in the past month, with Garner and Affleck attending couples counselling sessions at a church and Ben agreeing to an unusual “confession session” as part of their treatment. A source revealed: “Jennifer’s really turning to the church and religion to guide her through the toughest time of her life. She asked Ben to come along with her to a few services and then they agreed to attend marriage guidance set up through the church.” The mole continued: “Neither of them had huge expectations but the experience has actually brought them very close together again.”


Ben Vows to Change
According to the insider part of the therapy was that Ben had to tell Jennifer exactly what happened and how he planned to change his ways. “It was very dramatic, but it also cleared a lot of bad feeling between them,” explained the insider. “Ben now realises that he let his standards slip and wants to really straighten out and change the focus in his life to being about his marriage and family. He has agreed to take a big step away from his gambling which took up a lot of his time and definitely had a negative impact on the marriage.” Most importantly, Ben’s apparently vowed to win Jennifer’s trust back by making sure he never opens the door to any other women again. “Jennifer’s still very wounded. It’s early days so she wants to see if Ben can deliver on what he’s promised before she commits to a full-on reunion. But it’s a start.”


The Affleck Effect
Ben has more than just his marriage to worry about. Studio bosses fear his popularity has taken a massive nose dive over the nanny allegations and are desperate for him to patch things up with Jennifer. The informant added: “Everyone is focused on the huge hit Ben’s public persona has taken. They’re freaking about the plunge in popularity with his big movies coming soon, especially Batman Vs Superman and The Accountant.” Meanwhile, Affleck is also allegedly having problems with his public relations team. “They are demanding he play nice with Jennifer to try to repair what they perceive as massive damage to his brand and likability.”


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