ArcticXTreme Participants Get a Boost from milk & HONEY

Gourmet grocer supports Diarmuid O'Malley and Neil Munro, who're taking a 42km run around the Polar circle to support Christina Noble Children's Foundation
Monday , 13 August 2012
Diarmuid and Neil
Diarmuid and Neil
Diarmuid and Neil with Shadi
Diarmuid and Neil with Shadi

Arctic Xtreme is the coolest  marathon on earth – literally! Diarmuid O’Malley and Neil Munro will participate in the 42km run around the Polar circle to support Christina Noble Children’s Foundation raise $50, 000 for the education of impoverished children at Sunshine School in Vietnam. And popular gourmet grocer milk & HONEY are not just donating to the fund but also supplying the dynamic duo with superfood to keep them fuelled and going.

That's not all! To prepare them for the race across Greenland, Diarmuid and Neil have been offered the use of milk & HONEY's freezer room, so that they can get used to the temperatures they will encounter during the race.

milK & HONEY's Shadi Joweihan said, "We have always supported good causes at milK & HONEY, and we are committed to Diarmuid and Neil every step of the way for the Sunshine School.” Their generous contribution to Arctic Xtreme has won them a Golden Heart Award too!

INFO: To learn more about the fundraiser or donate to the cause, visit

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