Arab Art Causes Shopping Stir in UK

Emirati artists launch Shopopolis in London
Tuesday , 12 July 2011
Arab Art Causes Shopping Stir in UK
Karima Al Shomely in London at Shopopolis

Khalid Mezaina and Karima Al Shomely have joined hands with artists from the UK to create art for Shubbak. The creative concept is a window to contemporary Arab culture and a three week celebration of Arab Art in London.

Shopopolis exposes the secret life of shopping malls in the UAE and UK. The artists looked beneath the usual ideal that shopping malls are for retail therapy and interviewed shoppers and staff at Dubai Mall and the Westfield London Shopping Centre in the UK about why they go to the mall.

Khalid and Karima, based on their findings, have created chairs, cutlery and table settings from the stories the group gathered and the products were used in a feast hosted at Westfield on Tuesday (12 July). If you’re in London make sure you check out Shopopolis which runs until 23 July.

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