A.R. Rahman wins two Oscars

Bollywood legend picks up Academy Awards for his work on Slumdog Millionaire
A.R. Rahman wins two Oscars

A.R. Rahman has become the first Indian composer to win Hollywood’s most glittering prize. But one Oscar was not enough for Rahman.

Minutes after being presented with the Academy Award for Best Musical Score he was performing songs from the movie in front of the star-studded audience.

Rahman did not even have chance to change his clothes as he was still on stage as Jai Ho won the award for Best Original Song.

The Indian director brought Bollywood energy to the stage with a chorus line of dancers and was joined by John Legend.

He is known for his versatility with foot-tapping dance numbers and romantic ballads flowing from his fingers. Despite being a legend in India for more than two decades and picking up international credits for Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Bombay Dreams his work on Slumdog will cement his position as one of Hollywood’s biggest talents as well.