Applying Make-Up in the Car Can Cost You Dhs1,000

Applying Make-Up in the Car Can Cost You Dhs1,000

26 Aug 2014

New fines on distracting activities such as hair combing

The Ministry of Interior has issued a press statement revealing new fines for motorists that get easily distracted while driving. Traffic departments will now fine women who are caught applying their make-up in the car, or combing their hair.

The fine for violations can reach up to Dhs1,000 in addition to 12 black points and your car being impounded for an entire month.

Using your mobile phone while driving is obviously a no-go in terms of endangering others and yourself, so it comes as no surprise, that it is illegal even when you stop at a red light. Dhs200 and 4 black points could be the punishment for you holding on to your phone, no matter when and where on the roads.

So ladies, get yourself a headset and make sure to get your make-up sorted at home, a drive downtown could otherwise become really expensive and above all, dangerous.