Apple Jalebi

30 Nov 2011

Asha's brings a fruity infusion to the popular Indian sweet dish

150g green apple
150g red apple
300g Maida
2g saffron
2g cardamom powder
9gm baking soda powder
200g sugar
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
200ml water
200ml butter
100ml milk

Serves: 4

1. Make a batter out of all ingredients except the apple, butter and sugar.
2. In a pan add water, sugar, saffron and make medium consistency sugar syrup. Keep it separate.
3. Cut the apple into round slices by cutting of the center round part of it.
4. Dip the apple in the prepared batter above. In a pan, add the butter and fry the battered apple.
5. And then soak the fried apple in the sugar syrup and serve hot. Served with scoops of vanilla ice cream.

INFO: This recipe was provided courtesy of Asha’s restaurant in WAFI, Dubai