Apple Has An Amazing New App But You Can't Have It

Apple Has An Amazing New App But You Can't Have It

07 Jun 2018

The new Apple Watch app will not be available in the UAE

An exciting new app called Walkie Talkie, which as the name suggests, will allow Apple Watch users to communicate directly with each, will sadly not be available to users in the UAE, according to Apple.

The app was announced at Apple’s World Wide Developers event and will be rolled out when Apple’s WatchOS 5 software launches this Fall. The app will allow Watch users to talk directly to other Watch users when devices are connected to Wifi or a cellular data connection.

Sadly, according to Gulf News, Apple will not be releasing the app in the UAE because of the same regulatory issues that prevent them from launching its FaceTime app in the country. Both Walkie Talkie and FaceTime use Voice Over Internet Protocol, which in the UAE can only be offered by a licensed telecom (in other words, Etisalat and Du). It's the same reason we can't access Skype in the UAE. 

Sad face…