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App Alert: GuavaPass Now Belongs To ClassPass

07 Jan 2019

Got GuavaPass? Er, not anymore

The last couple of months have been all about the battle of the fitness apps over in Dubai. First we all loved GuavaPass, then competitor ClassPass hit the market with an amazing deal, then we found out the deal was actually just an introduction fee and that the prices are much higher, we then unfroze our GuavaPass memberships to save money, only to be told today that ClassPass has now bought over GuavaPass. Are you keeping up? (We’re exhausted just from writing that).

Sadly for GuavaPass members, the following email was sent out earlier this morning:

“We’re super excited to share a major company update with you: GuavaPass will be joining forces with ClassPass to give you the ultimate global fitness membership.”

(READ: GuavaPass no longer exists and you’re going to have to spend more money if you want to join ClassPass)

“Starting today, you may choose to either convert your remaining GuavaPass membership into a prorated ClassPass gift card worth approximately AED 147* to purchase a ClassPass membership package. Or alternatively, you may select to receive a refund of AED 73** for the prorated amount***. Please click here to confirm your preference. If we don’t hear back from you, we will automatically issue you a ClassPass gift card via email. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at classpass.com/contact.”

Great news for the ClassPass business, but a bummer for the GuavaPass community. We’re intrigued to see how this all works out for the city's gym bunnies…