Apollo Perelini

The high performance manager coaching for international rugby success
Monday , 03 April 2017
Apollo Perelini
Apollo Perelini
  • As a high performance manager for UAE rugby, it’s my responsibility that all national teams perform at their optimum at Asia tournaments. I also assist in overseeing the introduction and the development of Emiratis into the game of rugby with pathway rugby programmes.  

  • In 2016, we won the Asia Rugby Division 2 Championships, reached the final of the Asia Rugby Division Under 19 Men’s Championships, and two of our players from my rugby skills academy achieved national honours in England and Scotland, within months of leaving the UAE.

  • UAE rugby success is based upon selecting the best possible players and coaching them in a structure to succeed. It’s incredibly rewarding watching kids and young people develop their skills in this game.

  • A very successful friend once said to me, “It’s not always about working harder, sometimes you’ve got to work smarter.”

  • My Wife Selina is the person I most admire, she’s put up with my career as a professional and international rugby player, and now, as I coach. Despite having to take charge of our company, The Apollo Sporting Academy, she still has time to keep our family going in the right direction.

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