ANOTHER creepy abduction attempt at Dubai school!

Schools warn parents and students to be extra cautious
ByHend FadelSunday , 15 November 2015
ANOTHER creepy abduction attempt at Dubai school!
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Students have been advised to be cautious

A Dubai school alerted parents and other schools on Tuesday about a car that followed two students on two separate occasions last week. Unfortunately, this is not the first time parents have been warned. As reported by Ahlan!, the incident follows an abduction attempt outside Jumeirah Primary School in Dubai just a couple weeks ago.

Two students from Dubai English Speaking School were followed by a white Honda after they got off the school bus next to English College, the school said. The students ignored the driver and reported the incident to their parents and the school.

Understandably, parents want the authorities to take action, but Catherine Mckeever, Principal and CEO of the school, said: "There is no indication that they were in any danger, but of course the previous incidents from recent weeks is still fresh in our minds. Hence, I want to ensure that you are aware and would ask that you reinforce the message to students about the dangers of being approached by strangers, and how to react should it occur."

Chris Vizzard, head teacher at Dubai English Speaking College told Gulf News: "We take the safety and welfare of our students very seriously, both inside and outside the college. When we receive information of incidents such as this, we will always inform the police, our parents and other schools.”

Dubai Police is currently investigating the incident, however, parents were advised to stay cautious and students were told to be vigilant. 

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