Annabel Kantaria

This writer of repute is on the cusp of becoming an acclaimed novelist
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Annabel Kantaria

It’s a career-high to be offered a three-book contract, and then being picked as one of Amazon’s ‘Rising Stars’ of 2015. It totally makes up for the flurry of rejections I got before the publishing deal came through.
I often wake up at three in the morning and do an extra hour of really productive work before falling back to sleep at four. Some of my most creative writing happens in that hour, so I’ve learned to embrace it despite the continuous yawns and struggle to stay awake the next day!
The life lesson I hold onto most is “this too shall pass”. When things aren’t going well, it helps to remind myself that things are not going to be like that forever. The flip-side’s that good things may not last either. Dubai’s so transient, you see change around you all the time, so it tends to come true pretty quickly.
Once a week, on a Saturday evening, I sneak out for a reflexology foot treatment. That is my absolute down-time when I do nothing but read gossip magazines.
I hope my first book, Coming Home, will be a 2015 blockbuster. Then I just need to finish my second book on time and get a great idea for my third book! 

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