Anna Kicks Enrique Out

Lothario singer is in the doghouse...
Thursday , 20 November 2008
Anna Kicks Enrique Out

Singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAShas been kicked out of his Florida home by girlfriend ANNA KOURNIKOVA- after a row over his pet dogs.

The Hero hitmaker, who has been dating the former tennis star for six years, moved out of the house they share in Miami after a heated argument over the pooches.

But the Spanish hunk insists the pair is still together - and says he will move back in as soon as Russian Kournikova agrees.

He tells Britain's Hello magazine, "We were living together for six months, but she kicked me out. We had a fight. We did make up, but she didn't let me move back in.

"It was a stupid fight - something about my dogs. I'll move back in when she lets me."