Anna Forrester

Al Barsha 2, Dubai
Friday , 14 June 2013

Much of the furniture owned by this Australian couple has been collected through the years while living in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Now it sits perfectly in their five-bedroom villa in Dubai, and stands out beautifully against the magnolia and neutral surrounds.
The most unusual piece in the house is an old ox cart that Anna’s husband found in a Bahrain store. “I love the rustic feel to it and the beautiful iron work,” she says. “We had a glass panel fitted into it and now it’s a coffee table.”
Similar great finds include two old traditional wooden window shutters from Saudi Arabia. Ornately carved with Arabic flowers and desert roses, they now hang on the wall as unique pieces of art.
Even Anna’s beloved black and white striped sofa is from Bahrain, as is the round light-wood table and chairs that sit in the front room – around which this family of five conducts most of its life, overlooking the verdant garden.