Angelina's Girly Shopping Trip

Angelina finally looks like a happy mummy
Sunday , 31 July 2011
Angelina's Girly Shopping Trip
Angelina Jolie, Zahara Pitt and Shiloh Pitt

Angelina Jolie should consider relocating to London because ever since she arrived in the UK capital – following partner Brad Pitt as he completes filming for his movie World War Z – she has been wearing light coloured clothes and a smile that runs from ear to ear. What’s happened to the miserable goth-esque star we're used to? First she was spotted looking fresh faced and buoyant while buying flowers from a florist in Twickenham with daughter Vivienne and just days ago she was snapped again bursting with glee as she left a toy store with adopted daughter Zahara and a very excited looking Shiloh. Could it be that motherhood is finally rewarding Ange – how could you not smile when jovial tomboy Shiloh is your kid? Or is it the case that in England she is further away from her arch rival Jennifer Aniston? Hmm, the jury is out on that one, but at least for now we’re enjoying watching the cheerful Jolie-Pitt clan, especially if it means more Shiloh…

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