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Angelina Jolie's Bad Boys

05 Feb 2015

Brad Pitt and Jon Voight have heaped stress on Ange

After a whole lot of hype and furore, Angelina Jolie’s personally championed movie Unbroken was unceremoniously ignored by the powers-that-be in Hollywood. The star’s professional life also took a knock when she was called a “brat” by bigwigs at Sony Pictures in one of a series of leaked emails which revealed she wasn’t exactly flavour of the month at the big-budget studio. But surely Ange could turn to her personal life for comfort during times of trouble? Nope! The actress has now taken another huge hit on the chin as her home life comes crashing down around her. The Oscar winner is said to be crumbling under the strain after learning her hubby, Brad Pitt, may have a poker problem, just as her semi-estranged father, actor Jon Voight, gets close to the one woman she’s been pitted against repeatedly the past decade – Jennifer Aniston.

Pitt’s Poker Problems
Usually an actor who shuns the limelight, Brad’s given his wife reason to be concerned of late after going wild during a business trip with his mates. According to a family insider, Pitt lost a whopping $25,000 (Dhs91,000) in a single hand of poker while playing the game with a load of mates after attending the Sundance Film Festival. A source told RadarOnline.com: “He was feeling good about life and ended up playing a few hands of poker with some of the guys.” The insider continued: “What turned into one hand of poker turned into two – then, about five hands in, Brad decided to make it really interesting. He told the other players that if they lost the hand they had to do some outrageous dare, but [that] if he lost, he would pay $25,000 right then and there.” 

Ange Can’t Believe Brad
Brad, who’d invited his personal driver to the poker game, has a few million dollars to spare, so the loss wouldn’t have been a big deal to him, but apparently Angelina was, who’s said to have been furious he could be so careless with cash, and after hearing the tale, it’s said she accused Brad of losing the games on purpose. The source added: “Brad told her that the driver was putting his two kids through college and had another baby on the way. Angelina believes he threw the hand on purpose, since he kept saying what a nice guy the driver was, how it was sad he’d had such a rough life and that everyone deserved some help.”

Jen Strikes ANGE Again!
With her hubby frittering away their cash, the other big man in Ange’s life is also causing her problems – amazingly, Jon Voight has struck up a close friendship with Jennifer Aniston! According to a new report in Globe magazine, Jon and Jen bonded several years ago but kept their platonic relationship quiet so as to avoid confrontation with Angelina. Their rapport was exposed at last month’s Golden Globes, though, and Ange isn’t happy. A source told the magazine: “Not surprisingly, Angelina is said to be less than pleased with the situation, which has added further friction to her relationship with her dad.” Hanging out with Jon must be the perfect way for Jen to get under Ange’s skin without being seen to do anything harmful. Touché! 

Celebrity Poker Addicts
Brad’s not the only A-lister who likes a flutter

Ben Affleck 
Back in 2001, Ben went to rehab for a gambling addiction and has been banned from several casinos due to his problem.

Michael Phelps
The Olympic swimmer isn’t just a shark in the pool, but also on the poker table. Friends fear for his appetite for card games.

Charlie Sheen 
At his peak, Chaz was spending a hefty $20,000 (Dhs73,000) a week on his gambling addiction. Not #winning.

Tobey Maguire 
Four years ago, the star of The Great Gatsby was sued for taking part in a multi-million-dollar gambling ring. 

Pamela Anderson 
The former Baywatch star’s $250,000 (Dhs918,000) poker debt cost her her dignity – and her marriage.