Angelina Jolie Sued Over Directorial Debut

06 Dec 2011

Angelina Jolie accused of copyright infringement over In The Land of Blood and Honey plot

Angelina Jolie was all smiles at the New York premiere of her upcoming directorial debut, but she’s not going to be happy about being accused of copyright infringement over it.   

Ange is facing legal action from Croatian journalist James Braddock, who claims that the movie In The Land of Blood and Honey violates the copyright of his 2007 book The Soul Shattering.

The actress has written and directed In The Land of Blood and Honey, which follows the romance between a rape and kidnap victim and one of her captors and is set against the backdrop of the 1990s Bosnian Civil War.

In the suit, filed in Illinois on 2 December, Braddock alleges that he met with Edin Sarkic, a producer on the film, in 2008 to talk about the possibility of turning his book into a film but nothing came of the discussions.

The journalist is seeking statutory damages and an injunction against the film.

Meanwhile, while her new movie tackles politics, Angelina says that she refuses to discuss the subject with partner Brad Pitt because they don't want to "go off on each other" during family time moments.

The superstar couple, who have opposing political views, raise six children, and admit that they steer clear of issues like the death penalty to keep their household drama-free.

In an interview with US news show Nightline, Ange explains, "I won't say whose side anyone is on, but it's the one thing nobody brings up at dinner because nobody wants us to go off on each other."

Not that the arguments, when they happen, are the stuff of major conflicts between Angelina and Brad. "It's a fun debate you want to be able to have, to respect each other's views and to not be exactly identical. We have strong views," she said.