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Angelina Jolie is now a contributing editor at Time Magazine

20 Jun 2019

Her articles will be released monthly

Angelina Jolie has landed a new role as a contributing editor for Time magazine.

The actress and director will kick off her tenure as a journalist by writing a piece about the plight of refugees.

Edward Felsenthal, the publication's Editor in Chief and CEO, announced the staffing news on Wednesday, explaining Jolie will write "primarily on displacement, conflict and human rights".

Angelina's articles and essays will be released monthly across all Time platforms. Her first piece, titled What We Owe Refugees, was published on Wednesday.

In it she wrote: "Who comes to mind when you picture a refugee? You probably don’t imagine a European. But if you were a child of World War II and asked your parents what a refugee was, they would probably have described someone from Europe."

The Oscar winner has spent the past two decades working with the United Nations Refugee Agency.

She added: "Under international law it is not an option to assist refugees, it is an obligation. It is perfectly possible to ensure strong border control and fair, humane immigration policies while meeting our responsibility to help refugees."

She previously wrote an article for Time on the role of women in the Afghanistan peace negotiations.