Angelina Jolie Gets Violent!

23 Oct 2012

The kids are left "frightened and in tears" as Angelina Jolie's jealous rage spirals

Forget those frenemies, it seems Angelina Jolie’s insecurities are what could send her over the edge. Ange reportedly keeps flying into “violent rages” that have left her and Brad Pitt’s kids “frightened and in tears”, an insider told the National Enquirer. After Brad’s hot Chanel campaign photoshoot was released recently, Ange is allegedly worried that her fiancé is going to cheat on her with “young, sexy model types”, and has accused him of excessive drinking! She’s even reportedly encouraging him to go to rehab to “conquer his demons”... Into rehab and away from young models, perhaps, Ange?

The Last Straw?
Earlier this month, the pair allegedly had a monster row which ended with Brad storming out of their French chateau. “Sources say Hollywood’s most glamorous couple have been butting heads over Brad’s drinking issues, Angie’s fears that he’ll cheat on her and her verbal abuse of their beloved children,” the tabloid dished, adding, “[Brad is] telling friends he won’t go to rehab and that Angie simply needs to work through her insecurity issues. For now, their relationship is in tatters.” This is no excuse for taking it out on the kids though!

Meanwhile in Exville, Jennifer Aniston –who  reportedly wants to tie the knot at Julia Roberts’ ranch in New Mexico – has reportedly invited Brad’s mum Jane to her wedding! A source told The Sun, “Jennifer wants Jane to be there. She’s closer to her than she is to her own mother, Nancy. She’s been on the end of the phone and in person offering advice and support for the past seven years.” No wonder Ange is feeling insecure!

Brangelina’s Brats!
Since moving to the south of France, the B-brood have reportedly refused to eat the local grub and demanded that their dad spend thousands of dirhams on shipping in English food! “The kids have gone off French food after living in the UK for so long. Brad had a look online and found an English food company who deliver ready-meals such as cottage pie, toad in the hole and apple crumble. The kids love Turkey Twizzlers and baked beans on toast, so Brad put in a massive order. He filled two freezers,” a source told The Sun, adding that the latest delivery cost Brad £5,000 (Dhs30,000)!