Angelina Jolie FURIOUS over Brad Pitt's new A-list 'girlfriend'

They've apparently had a 'silent feud' for years!
ByAndre NevelingSunday , 03 February 2019
Angelina Jolie FURIOUS over Brad Pitt's new A-list 'girlfriend'
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Angelina Jolie is reportedly "furious" over her ex-husband Brad Pitt's rumoured relationship with Charlize Theron.

The pair apparently began dating back in December and were allegedly spotted together at a star-studded screening of Alfonso Cuaron's new movie Roma at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood last month.

And the speculation that Brad is seeing Charlize has reportedly left Angelina upset, considering that the Hollywood stars allegedly do not get along.

"It's early days between Brad and Charlize, but they've certainly been enjoying one another's company," a source told Heat magazine. "However, the news has sent Angelina into a spin - she's furious that Brad would purposefully get close to someone she doesn't like."

Angelina and Charlize, who is mother to two adopted children - son Jackson and daughter August - have reportedly had "a silent feud" for years, born out of competition for the same movie roles.

"To see Charlize get close to Brad has been extremely hurtful. It's like he's already trying to replace her with a better version," the insider continued.

Should Brad continue to see the Tully actress, it will his first serious romance since he split from his ex-wife in 2016. It also comes soon after the former couple finally agreed on a custody deal for their six children following a two-year battle at the end of their 12-year relationship.

"In Ange's mind, Brad has done this in a very calculated way, by ensuring he waited until the custody agreement was finalised before news of his romance came out," the source added. "She's super protective of the children and will be saying it's best for them not to have a new woman in their lives in case things don't work out."

Whatever the case, Brad and Charlize sure make a gorgeous couple. Soz, Ange. 

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