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Angelina Jolie Wore Atelier Versace For Her Wedding to Brad Pitt

02 Sep 2014

The Oscar winning actress chose a custom-made gown by her favourite designer Atelier Versace

Angelina Jolie wore a white custom-made gown by Atelier Versace on her wedding day. The unique dress was finished with hand-stitched replicas of her children’s drawings, which were sewn into the veil and back of the gown. In true Angie style she opted for a traditional ensemble but added her own unique twist on the dress, which will be the talk of the fashion world this morning.

Atelier Versace has been Angie’s go-to designer for many important events this year including the premiere of her big movie this year Maleficent. Angelina spoke of Atelier Versace’s master tailor Luigi Massi to People: “Luigi is like family to me and I couldn't imagine anyone else making this dress," says Jolie. "He knows and cares for the children and it was great fun putting it together.” While the main part of the gown was very traditional with a long train, veil and fitted bodice, it was also truly personal to Angie as it was completed with unique drawings by her children. The sketches added a unique edge to the dress making it colourful and typically Angie.

The actress is known for her unusual fashion choices, from wearing her ex finance’s blood around her neck to wearing a suit on the red carpet, so it’s no surprise she has gone for something unusual when it comes to her wedding dress.

Angelina wore a small gold locket around her neck that belonged to her late mother Marcheline Bertrand who tragically died from Ovarian cancer in 2007. 

As far as her shoes are concerned there’s still no information on these, but after her recent collaboration with Christian Louboutin on her own pair of shoes, it’s likely the actress chose something by the iconic designer, whose shoes she has worn to many events across the years.

According to an insider, for accessories Angie “definitely wore something that once belonged to her mother Marcheline Betrand. A small gold locket with a photo of her mum inside it. And yes, she also had a veil.” Despite already being married twice before the mum-of-six went for something very traditional.