Angelina Jolie Caught in London Chaos

Actress “a little nervous” over riots
Tuesday , 09 August 2011
Angelina Jolie Caught in London Chaos
Angelina Jolie in London

Jolie has spoken out about her safety concerns after being caught in the UK
riots. The actress, who is currently in London while Brad Pitt films World War
Z in Cornwall, has had to increase security to protect her family.

“Angie was a little nervous, but felt safe,” spilled a source to Us Weekly
as the actress had her security team add an extra man on the job.”

“This morning, she was really scared and worried about the safety of the
kids. But, as the day has gone by, we’ve been able to get a clear picture on
what’s going on. She felt safe enough to take the children out. Of course, we
are not going anywhere near central London.”

is worried,” continued the source. “He’s pretty safe because he’s in Falmouth,
but knowing Angie and the kids are in London is what’s making him worried. He
has been calling the house regularly, to make sure they are OK and calm.”

Angelina is currently staying in Richmond with her six children.

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