Angelina Jolie Bursts Into Tears at Bosnian Film Premiere

Angelina Jolie couldn't hold back the sobs after her directorial debut, In the Land of Bloody and Honey, won a standing ovation
Thursday , 16 February 2012
Angelina Jolie couldn't hold back the tears
Angelina Jolie couldn't hold back the tears
Angelina remained emotional through her speech
Angelina remained emotional through her speech

Angelina Jolie’s known for being as cool and composed as can be, but when she does get emotional, she doesn’t hold back. The actress burst into tears after being applauded at a screening of her new movie In The Land Of Blood And Honey in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo.  

Ange wrote and directed the film about a romance between a Serbian soldier and a Bosnian woman the 1990s war in the region. She premiered the movie in the eastern European country on 14 February in an auditorium of 5,000 people, and was greeted by a standing ovation when she took to the stage after the screening.

Angelina, who was accompanied to the premiere by her partner Brad Pitt, was overcome with emotion and broke down in tears as she told the audience, "To see you receiving it so well means the world to me. I feel so deep for all of you in this country." Awww, Ange!

We'd have thought Angelina would be used to this kind of reaction to the movie by now - she's been picking up a steady stream of praise for it and was even honoured at the Cinema for Peace Gala at the Berlin Film Festival. 

In Bosnia, Ange also talked about the ongoing unrest in Syria. "I feel very strongly about it (the film) and I believe that its core issue - which is the need for intervention and need for the world to pay attention to atrocities when they are happening - is very, very timely and especially with things that are happening in Syria today... (It) is very important that this film is out at this time... If this film points the finger at anybody it is the international community, so I hope it remains a wake-up call for them."

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