Angelina Jolie Blasts "Fat" Brad Pitt

Is Brad Pitt becoming a "doughy, middle-aged guy"?
Tuesday , 27 November 2012
Angelina Jolie Blasts "Fat" Brad Pitt
Who ate all the pies?

Meanwhile, all is not quite so  cheery over at Brangelina Towers. According to a UK celebrity weekly, “Angelina Jolie has warned once-fit fiancé Brad Pitt to get himself back into shape, or else.” The mag spilled that Ange is afraid that Brad, 48, “is turning into just another doughy, middle-aged guy, and she’s nagging him to diet and start an exercise regimen.” This is gold, especially after Brad was looking so pleased with himself in that questionable new Chanel ad!

A source told the weekly, “In recent months he’s been putting on a few extra pounds. Angie is trying to shame Brad into getting back in shape by grabbing his love handles and laughing at his pot belly.”
But that’s not the best bit. Apparently Brad loves nothing more than a carb-filled night in front of the TV with a couple of cold ones, but Ange’s having none of it and has reportedly threatened to leave him if he doesn’t shape up. Harsh!Apparently she’s forced Brad to ditch his fave Mexican food and Cadbury chocolate bars and told him he needs to lose 10lb. See page 58 of this week’s issue, Brad, we’ve got some tips for you. You’re welcome!

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