Angelina Jolie’s Big Fat Publicity Stunt

Angelina Jolie hit Maccy D’s to hush ‘thinspiration’ image
Wednesday , 07 March 2012
Angelina Jolie’s Big Fat Publicity Stunt
Angelina Jolie

Amid accusations of being malnourished and ‘thinspiration’ for young girls with eating disorders, Angelina Jolie very publically popped out for a McDonald’s binge with her fam. Hitting back against the rumours, the super slender actress picked up bags of greasy grub for her hubby Brad Pitt and their six little ones at a drive-through in LA. But with all those mouths to feed, we highly doubt a French fry passed her perfectly painted lips.

The fast food stop comes just days after Priya Tew, a dietician who treats eating disorders, spoke out about Ange and the equally stick-thin Victoria Beckham, warning, “Both women look extremely underweight. By being so thin they are at risk of a number of health problems, including most dangerously weakening their heart muscles.”

At the same time, bloggers on a pro-anorexia website praised Ange’s gaunt figure, asking, “Is Angelina suffering from anorexia? She looked amazing, so skinny.”

The Salt actress seems to be using the photo op to put rumours to rest. Next time, Ange, dine in and let the paps get a snap of you shovelling fries into your mouth, then we’ll believe you actually consumed some fattening food.

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