Angelina Jolie

Angelina Is Magnificent

28 May 2014

Maleficent co-star Elle Fanning gushes about Jolie

Teenage actress Elle Fanning has admitted that she still gets butterflies when meeting her co-star Angelina Jolie at promotional events for their new movie Maleficent, even though she spent months shooting the Disney blockbuster with the Salt and Mr and Mrs Smith star.

The youngster fears she'll never be able to relax around her co-star because Jolie is such a formidable force who brings a tremendous presence to a film set and a red carpet. Fanning recalls the first time she met the actress, admitting she was extremely nervous.

Elle says, "You hear that name and it's like the most famous ever. You know exactly who she is and what she's done. It's like she has a force around her. I remember we were at Pinewood Studios during rehearsals and I didn't know I was going to meet her that day. We were doing costume fittings and everyone started saying, 'She's here. She's here'.

"The knot was growing in my stomach and then I turned the corner and there she was! We're both big huggers. She gave me a giant hug and shook my shoulders and said, 'We're going to have so much fun working together!' To have Angelina Jolie just hug you right away was really impeccable.

"But I still get butterflies when I see her, even though we worked together."

However, Fanning is quick to admit Jolie does everything she can to make you feel like a friend when she meets you, adding, "She's just a girl in a way. I got to see her sensitivity and she's super playful. All her kids were on set and they'd yell, 'Cut', and she'd pick up (twins) Vivienne and Knox on both hips. That was such the opposite of what I thought she'd be... a goddess!"