Angelina’s baby crisis

Tearful, exhausted and not eating – Angelina’s struggling with six kids… but Brad says ‘I want two more!’
Wednesday , 03 September 2008
Celeb Kids, Relationships
Celeb Kids, Relationships

Currently ensconced in her rented chateau in France under siege from the world’s media, while carefree BRAD hits the red carpet in Venice with GEORGE CLOONEY, ANGELINA has hit a wall, say pals.

A far cry from her capable superwoman public persona, Ange is said by sources, to have grown increasingly weepy and fragile in the wake of the birth of Knox and Vivienne, due to the four other kids under six to take care of.

Crying every day
Angelina is hiding out in France until she is ready to face the world.

Said to be crying constantly due to the feeding demands of the twins, and being surrounded by her noisy and boisterous brood, sources have revealed that the actress is struggling.

“She’s in tears up to three times a day and so tired that Brad’s found her collapsed asleep in the bath twice,” spilled an insider.

“Diagnosed with exhaustion”

European sources say that 33-year-old Angelina has been diagnosed with exhaustion by her medical team. Also said to be under constant medical supervision, friends of the star say the huge family is taking its toll on her health.

“She’s been working around the clock, breast-feeding the babies and trying to get them to sleep,” spilled a source. “But as soon as one of them drops off, the other wakes up for another feed.”

Angelina told: “eat more”
Her appetite is always the first thing to go when she’s feeling stressed, and pals are worried that the weight is dropping off the actress.

“She’s not eating very much right now and blames that on being busy,” said one. “The doctor says that she needs more calories to gain strength.”

Dirty, messy living conditions

Their rented chateau has descend into chaos as far as tidiness is concerned, due to their obsession with letting the children rule the household.

“The house is dirty from the kids,” reports “With the floor littered with toys and food, and fingerprints on the walls.”

The end of ‘Brad and Ange time’

Even before the twins came along, Ange revealed how she and Brad were struggling to spend time by themselves

“Mommy and Daddy need to try to figure out more time right now,” she told Marie Claire magazine, last June. “Everybody needs individual time.” And the actress recently admitted, “When we watch [a movie] together, I usually fall asleep or press pause so I can take care of the kids.”

But besotted Brad wants two more!
Just weeks after the birth of his twins, Knox and Vivienne, Brad Pitt astounded reporters at the Venice Film Festival, by announcing that they could be adding two more kids to their brood of six, very soon.

“I’ll have two more by next year,” the actor revealed, despite rumours leaking out that Angelina is struggling with the six they already have.

Jen’s ultimate ‘get over John’ plan

Having consulted with her pals, Jen has put together a foolproof plan to help her get over her shock split from John Mayer, and not emerge as ‘Jen the victim’ from her latest dating disaster…

5 Steps to happiness

Hit John where it hurts: his ego
Said to have ditched the womanising rocker after discovering he was in cahoots with the paparazzi, Jen is watching John’s celebrity stock plummet.

“He thinks he’s as famous as Jen now,” said a source. “Last week he went to a party, tipped off the paps, and even had decoy cars at the ready when he was leaving… but no one bothered to follow him.”

Steal John’s thunder
Fame pro Jen, knows that nothing gets the snappers in a tizz like a female celeb with a rock on her engagement finger. So she stepped out with a diamond on that finger in LA, last week.

All about her career
Jen is throwing herself into her career and is looking for a role that comes with critical acclaim. Turning to the legendary Woody Allen, Jen met with him last week, to discuss his new film.

Cameo in a hit show

The actress has landed a cameo role in the Emmy winning comedy, 30 Rock. And although sources are staying hush hush about the nature of the role, Jen is said to be glad to be getting back to her comic roots in the must-watch episode.

Reignite interest in Jen’n’Brad

Jen knows that the public’s fascination with her and Brad Pitt’s relationship has never dwindled, and she’s heading to the Toronto Film Festival to promote her new movie, Management, at exactly the same time as Brad jets in to promote Burn After Reading. Cue plenty of publicity…