Ange makes peace with dad

16 Nov 2009

Actress has finally reconciled with her father – thanks to Brad

ANGELINA JOLIE has reconciled with her father JON VOIGHT after eight years of estrangement.

The Hollywood beauty cut her dad out of her life in 2001 after he voiced concerns about her mental health shortly before she adopted son Maddox from Cambodia.

Voight has made attempts to mend his fractured relationship with Jolie on numerous occasions, and reportedly sent the actress a copy of their forgotten 1982 comedy Lookin' To Get Out over the summer, when it was released on DVD for the first time.

And the veteran star's efforts have paid off - the pair is in contact, although Voight admits they don't talk as frequently as he would have liked.

He tells Us Weekly magazine, "We're in touch, but not regularly. We love each other and that's the most important thing."

A close friend of Jolie adds it was her partner Brad Pitt who encouraged her to reunite with her movie star father.

The insider says, "Angie made the initial contact. Brad has been supportive - a key factor in her reaching out."