Ange, Jen and Posh tell their men... “back off, I need my space!”

They may put on the façade of loved-up coupledom in public, but these A-list ladies are secretly craving the single life
Wednesday , 04 March 2009

Ange: walks out on Brad

ANGELINA JOLIE is set to leave BRAD at home with the kids and move into a Manhattan bachelorette pad, when filming on her new flick, Salt, starts in New York, next month.

Although the family have already rented a Dhs220million mansion in Long Island, Ange has been spied shopping for her own plush pad on the Upper East Side, after reportedly telling Brad that she needs her own space to concentrate and decompress while filming – leaving Brad to look after their six children alone.

Brad’s anger
“Brad is furious that Angelina has dumped child-rearing duties totally in his lap while she runs off to film,” spilled a source close to the couple. “It’s a double-standard when he works, because despite 14-hour shooting days, Angie still expects Brad to pitch in with the kids. Basically, Angie is walking out on Brad and ditching him.”

Rows and tension
The move has sparked furious rows between the pair, not least because Brad has asked his mum Jane to move in to their Long Island mansion and help him look after the kids.

“That decision caused a new round of tension and arguing, as Angelina once before refused to allow Jane – who is still close to Jennifer – to move in after the twins were born,” a source revealed.

Jen: won’t live with John

Despite putting on a united front at last month’s Oscars, JENNIFER ANISTON has rejected an offer from JOHN MAYER to move in with him in his New York pad.

The actress is set to relocate to the Big Apple in the spring to begin shooting new movie, The Baster, and John saw the move as an opportunity to bring the on-again couple even closer together – but Jen’s not interested.

Keeping her distance
“John gallantly offered her his place downtown, because he knew it was all stressing her out, but Jen bluntly said ‘no’,” revealed an insider. “She loves having her space and own place to go back to after work. She’s still keeping him at arm’s length. Jennifer always tries to be disciplined with him and often says she‘ll just meet for dinner and head back to her hotel or wherever.”

Preoccupied with Brangelina
In fact, according to sources, playing house is the last thing on Jen’s mind. Aware that her love rival Ange is also relocating to New York, Jen’s too preoccupied trying to avoid an awkward meeting, to think about nesting with John.

“Jennifer is busy looking for hotels she knows Angelina won’t be at,” a source revealed. “Jennifer loves the Four Seasons, because she loves using the garage to avoid people and escape quickly, but now she’s not so sure.”

Posh: loving her independence
VICTORIA BECKHAM has reportedly confessed to pals that she feels more disconnected from her husband DAVID than ever – and she’s revelling in her independence!

With Victoria busy promoting her fashion line in America, and David playing football in Milan, the pair are virtually living separate lives – and Victoria has reportedly told pals she’s really enjoying her new independent lifestyle.

Different social circles
“When they do snatch a few hours or days together, she’s found it really hard to slot back into things,” spilled a friend. “They’ve both gravitated towards different people. He has gotten a lot closer to his sister and mother, as well as GEORGE CLOONEY and a couple of the Milan team players. She’s been cementing relationships with independent women like MADONNA and NICOLE RITCHIE.” Adding, “Spending time apart has allowed them to discover that they are in fact very different people, with differing tastes in things like their friends, clothes and even food.”

“Things will never be the same”
A pal of David’s has also revealed that the footballer has benefited from time spent apart from his wife.

“David has also become much more relaxed about himself,” spilled the friend. “His OCD has got better and he has discovered that he prefers dressing more comfortably. It is hard for them to see how things will be the same again.”