Ange Inspired By Mother

08 Oct 2008

How Angelina's late mother gave her confidence for her latest role

ANGELINA JOLIE has credited the memory of her late mother MARCHELINE BERTRAND with giving her the confidence to take on her role in new film THE Changeling.

The devoted mother-of-six plays a woman desperate to be reunited with her kidnapped son in the upcoming CLINT EASTWOOD film, inspired by a real-life story.

And Jolie admits her character's strength grew from the close relationship she shared with her own mother, actress Bertrand, before her death in January 2007.

She tells the New York Daily News, "My mother would fight that hard for her children. (The role made me) confront my worst fear.
"It made me feel closer to my kids and grateful every night just to know where they are and that they're healthy. Making the phone call (in the film), saying that my kid was kidnapped, was difficult. I don't even like saying it right now."