Ange "Destined" For Maddox

13 Oct 2008

Actress speaks of her love for her first child

ANGELINA JOLIE knew she was destined to become a mum during her first trip to Cambodia - because she flew out of the country thinking she had left something behind.

The actress insists she still doesn't believe in fate, but there was something that lured her back to Cambodia, where she met and fell for her first adopted child, Maddox.

She tells "I went to that country and left that country feeling like I'd left something behind. I went back to that country on a humanitarian mission and was playing with blocks with a little kid and felt, 'My son is here.'

"It was the strangest feeling. I woke up one day and they were going to introduce me to a kid and I wondered how I would feel, and the moment I saw him I knew I was his mother.

"I can't explain it and I don't know why I chose that country but it was absolutely meant to be."