Ange credits Brad with pregnany persuasion

How he got her to have biological babies
Thursday , 11 February 2010
Ange credits Brad with pregnany persuasion

Angelina Jolie has Brad Pitt to thank for Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne. Not because he helped make the little tots, but because if it weren’t for his persuasion to get pregnant, she may have never wanted biological babies.

The Tom Raider actress was mother to an adopted Cambodian boy, Maddox, when she began her relationship with Brad. But as their relationship heated up, so did their desire to have more children together. In 2006, the couple adopted their second child, Zahara from Ethiopia.

Despite being content with adopting orphaned children, Ange got pregnant in 2006 with their first biological child, Shiloh. She tells Australia's Marie Claire magazine, "When I met him... I didn’t want to get pregnant. I always wanted to adopt, but I never had the desire of experiencing biological motherhood.”

But she admits that the Ocean’s Eleven actor made her want to experience pregnancy. “He taught me to be more patient and to enjoy everything that exists in the world.”

From then, the couple went on to adopt Vietnamese orphan, Pax, and Ange once again gave birth in 2008 to twins, Knox and Vivienne.