Ange Buys Maddox A Knife

14 Oct 2008

Shocking confession of 'supermum' Angelina as she admits to shopping for her son's first weapon

ANGELINA JOLIE has shockingly admitted to taking her eldest son MADDOX shopping for knives.

The mum-of-six candidly confessed she buys her seven-year-old daggers and knives to help him understand the benefits and dangers of owning weapons.

The actress, a longtime knife collector, has previously admitted she was just 11 when her mother took her weapon shopping for the first time.

But Ange has also admitted to using the weapons to self-harm when she was a teenager.

But she insists her son's first knife was dulled for safety and came with a serious talk about violence.

She tells the November issue of W magazine, "We take him to a special shop.

"We also talk about Samurais and the idea about defending someone as good. We talk about everything."