Andreea Zoia on Her Model Life and Love

"Beauty is how much you give value to yourself, not how much value you wear on yourself", says the new ambassador for Italian brand Cruciani
Thursday , 14 February 2013
Andreea Zoia on Her Model Life and Love
Andreea Zoia on Her Model Life and Love

You will no doubt recognise her  face already, from billboards, television and magazines. And now, Romanian beauty Andreea Zoia is the new ambassador for Italian brand Cruciani. She shares her fashionable secrets and why she will always be a down to earth girl...

A: Congratulations on being named the face of Italian label Cruciani. It must be quite an honour?
AZ: I’m very flattered to represent one of the most iconic brands worldwide. Cruciani’s core values and its attention to quality and fabrics are impeccable. All the clothing and accessories are stylish and elegant without sacrificing comfort and wear.

A: Tell us how this came about?
AZ: I’ve worked hard to establish a name for myself in the fashion industry, which is not easy to do in a country where there are many young and beautiful ladies competing for the same jobs.

A: What qualities make you stand out from the crowd?
AZ: I think my work ethic, dependability, and high standards.

A: You arrived in Dubai when you were just 20 years old. It must have been quite daunting for you?
AZ: It was tough. When you are a young model in a new country you have plenty of obstacles such as the language and culture. I come from a proud family with a strong work ethic so I don’t give up easily.

A: Is there anything you miss being far away from home?
AZ:  I miss my family, of course, and I miss my home in Bucharest. The three things that I miss most are mama’s cooking, the fresh air and normal prices.

A: You were a Romanian beauty queen back in 2002. Were you always confident at school?
AZ: I had a difficult adolescence and I went through a harsh ugly duckling stage. I was teased and bullied in school all the time. It made me very shy and introverted and I rarely spoke to anyone. When I meet people from high school now, they can’t believe I’m working as a model and speaker!

A: You were also the face of Emirates Airlines. Being in the spotlight, how do you stay down to earth?
AZ: I don’t consider myself a celebrity or someone famous so I don’t have a reason not to be down to earth. If I were to become a Hollywood star tomorrow, my upbringing and personality wouldn’t allow me to be someone who thinks she’s better than others. Success is not being recognised in the mall. I think it’s about creating goals and inspiring people to do what they want.

A: What is your favourite part about living in the Middle East?
AZ: Dubai has spoilt me a little too much. There is nothing you can’t buy here, or food that you can’t have. Everything is new, clean and very safe.

A: Tell us your biggest vice?
AZ: That would have to be shopping. However, I love finding good deals and unique accessories.

A: What is your beauty secret?
AZ: There is no beauty secret. You are what you eat and drink. I don’t eat fried foods, I eat very few sweets and I don’t drink any sodas. I also run and go to the gym.

 A: What does beauty mean to you personally?
AZ: It’s self-acceptance and being able to love yourself. Beauty is how much you give value to yourself, not how much value you wear on yourself. When it comes to physical beauty, simple is beautiful.

A: Who do you admire most?
AZ: I admire my mother for the sacrifices she made for us. We lost my father when I was eight years old and she had to take care of my younger sister Alex and I. She’s a very warm hearted person with a strong personality and I look up to her.

A: Sum yourself up in three words...
AZ: Stubborn, selective and sophisticated.

A: What do you see for your future?
AZ: I see having a family as something I definitely want in the future. Being in a relationship adds meaning to my life. I’m absolutely in love with my partner, he has been a strong support for me. I love children and in my heart I know that I will be a great mother someday.

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