An ex-resident called Dubai “one-note” and “empty”

An ex-resident called Dubai “one-note” and “empty”

23 Oct 2019

Twitter did what Twitter does best

Every now and then someone will share a thought on Twitter that can be quite polarising. Sometimes this happens when discussing hotly divisive topics like Donald Trump’s foreign policies (or even just his social media usage), climate change, Brexit, or varying reported upheavals within the royal family. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as sharing an opinion about a place you used to live that current residents don’t agree with. Such was the case on Monday when a former Dubai resident made a generally disparaging remark about the city.

Now, taken in isolation, that comment is not entirely unfair. If you live in a place (and for me, this is country number five) the onus is on you to get out and see what your new home has to offer, as mentioned in one such reply:

That was where it really could have been left, but under the nonsensical laws of the great internet machine, Twitter picked up this ball and ran with it.

It sparked a few heated arguments, as the internet does, but what was great about this particular topic was that it also had people speaking up about just how much there is to do here.

Is it even a Dubai Twitter fight if we don’t discuss it the next day?

To catch the discussion, check out the podcast here.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but taking repeated swipes at a place you no longer live is kind of like checking your ex’s social media to spy on his new relationship.

For the record, the Burj remains an architectural masterpiece and the Fountains are fun to watch. If recording repeated experiences of those two things makes you happy, go for it.