This new app is a must-have for pet owners in the UAE

It covers good food, good advice and a good time with your pets!
ByAyisha AlkaWednesday , 20 November 2019
This new app is a must-have for pet owners in the UAE
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Pet’s Delight, the UAE’s first ethical pet store, now has their own pet supplies phone app, and its super exciting.

The app is available for free download on both android and IOS, and features include convenient ordering, pet care advice videos (useful for new pet owners), a live chat service what foods are best for your pet, and health signs to watch out for.

Shop on the app, and even grab loyalty points

Pet owners can easily add products to their basket and proceed with a quick checkout, along with features that allow them to stay updated on the latest pet news. Customers can also collect points through an omni-channel loyalty programme using just one account across their shops, website and now the app, and in return avail discounts and offers.

In times of emergency, here is how the app can be a lifesaver…

The app has a live chat feature that allows for immediate communication with experts in regards to your pet.

Super convenient delivery!

Upon shopping, app users are given the ability to choose an appropriate delivery time that they find suitable for themselves, and can get same day delivery in Dubai if they order before 9am. Not only does the app offer the choice of delivery times but it also delivers across the UAE with push notifications informing the customer of the delivery status.

The best organic pet foods you can get….

Products on the app include ethical, organic, and sustainable food brands, including Ziwi Peak, Fish4Dogs, Canagan, and Vitalin.

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