Amy's New Addiction

Pasty singer can't get enough of sunbeds
Tuesday , 08 July 2008
Amy's New Addiction
Amy has been topping up her tan of late...

Troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE has developed another addiction - to her sunbed.

Friends of the star are said to be worried because the naturally pale-skinned singer is spending more than an our a day soaking up the rays to get a tan

Pals say the 24-year-old even sleeps under the ultraviolet lamps, which release the same type of harmful radiation found in sunlight.

One friend told The Sun newspaper: "Amy can't do anything by halves. Recently she has been going for it on the sunbed, but she won't be told.

"She bought it to get rid of scabs that started appearing on her skin."

Amy had the sunbed fitted at her home in Camden, North London, earlier this year.

The pal added: "Over the years Amy has been addicted to alcohol, all sorts of drugs, men and even knitting.

"This is another addiction that puts her health in danger.

"Why can't she take up squash or something?"