Amy Winehouse Tweets From The Grave

02 Nov 2011

Why a tweeter has made Amy's fans furious

Kelly Osbourne has hit out against a fake Amy Winehouse twitter account set up by a mystery user, amyjademermaid, who tweeted the Dancing With The Stars contestant saying “miss ya darling”.

Amy’s former BFF Kelly replied, “amyjmermaid thats not f**king funny u disrespectful t**t u should be ashamed don't ever tweet me again I’m going 2 (to) have u thrown of (sic) twitter!”

The twitter, whose real identity remains unknown, claims to be using the account to keep the memory of the late singer alive, by using the same bio and profile picture that was on Amy’s real account.  As well as messaging Kelly, they tweeted status updates such as “Miss ya daddy” and “I’m my own worst enemy.”

Kelly took her complaint straight to Twitter moderators, who have agreed to take down the profile.  She tweets, “Good news everyone I have emailed twitter and the a** hole with (the) fake Amy profile amyjmermaid will be taken down in a matter of hours!”

The Rehab singer passed away at her London home in July aged just 27. Kelly was one of her closest friends and flew back from the US to attend her funeral.