Amy Winehouse’s Parents Speak Out

CNN’s Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper land Winehouse interviews
Friday , 09 September 2011
Amy Winehouse’s Parents Speak Out
Amy pictured with dad Mitch

Piers Morgan recently sat down with Amy Winehouse’s
grieving dad Mitch for an interview which will feature on US show Piers Morgan
Tonight on Tuesday (13 September 2011), just 24 hours after his CNN colleague
Anderson Cooper launches his new daytime talk show with an interview with the
Rehab singer's parents and boyfriend Reg Travis.

Mitch told Piers Morgan that he continues to mourn the
death of his daughter, who died in July (2011) at the age of 27. "She had
so many qualities and so many frailties, but she was a wonderful, wonderful
girl; a wonderful friend. All of the nonsense that was written about her in the
papers over the last five or six years, it's all gone now. Everybody is full of
love and admiration for her, as she was. She was full of love, even for people
that didn't deserve it. I just wish she was here so we could give her a cuddle.”

Amy Winehouse’s friend Lily Allen also recently spoke out
about the star. "I've had nights out with Amy and I know exactly what used
to go on. I also spent time with her at her house in Camden. Not the one she
died in, the one before. I felt very trapped by the presence of 40 paparazzi
guys, hysterical outside her front door. I could totally see why she didn't
want to leave her house. It seemed more appealing to stay in... Why would anyone
want that chaos in their life? It's not something anyone chooses.”

Allen, now pregnant,
added, "When Amy died, I got several texts from friends saying they were
really glad I was still here. That I hadn't died too. It's so easy to get
caught up in that madness and I count my lucky stars I've been strong enough to
walk away."

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