Amy in shock BLONDE hair chop!

What's Winehouse doing??
Thursday , 10 January 2008
Bye to black and back to blonde!
Bye to black and back to blonde!
Sam Mendes
Sam Mendes

She's just a nutter,... quite frankly. AMY WINEHOUSE has shocked fans even further, by chopping off her trademark beehive hairstyle! Perhaps she thought Britney was just getting too many column inches, and aimed to get a few more of her own by losing them from the top of her head?

But wait... not only has she had her hair cut into a short crop, she's gone blonde. Yup,... Wino weirdo has swapped her formerly dark locks for a peroxide blonde hairdo. NICE.

The new style is reported to have been the work of her hairdresser Alex Foden, who lives in the same east London apartment block as Winehouse.

A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "She just said she felt like it.

She'd thought about having a blonde beehive but decided on the shorter look."

A spokesperson for the star adds (rather boringly), "She wanted a new look for the New Year."

We couldn't find any pics of her new do to show you without paying up squillions (yet) and she's not ENTIRELY worth it at the mo, is she... but these guys have got some, if you wanna check it out!

Uh oh! It's one thing going on your jollys with Bryan Adams and spending New Year with your ex boyfriend,...but coming back as a peroxide twiglet? We're thinking Wino's one to watch like a hawk in the next coming months.

She and Brit should have chats.