Amy Schumer Shares Romantic Holiday Snaps

The comedienne is on a tropical vacation with her boyfriend
ByMashal AbbasiSunday , 20 March 2016
Amy Schumer Shares Romantic Holiday Snaps
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Schumer confirmed her relationship earlier this year

Actress and comedienne Amy Schumer has shared romantic holiday snaps with boyfriend Ben Hanisch while on a tropical paradise getaway.

The Trainwreck star appears to have taken a few tips from Taylor Swift, who recently posted photos of her vacation with boyfriend Calvin Harris, and shared the images with fans on Instagram on Friday.

Ben posted a picture of his bikini-clad girlfriend sat on a surfboard in the middle of the ocean with the caption, "We've got a floater."

Amy and her man, who went public with their romance at the beginning of the year, aren't holidaying alone, as they've been joined by Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica, and the actress' close friend Bridget Everett.

"We can fly we can fly we can fly," she wrote beside one photo of the group jumping for joy on a yacht, with the sun-soaked location in the background.

Amy has also been referencing popular U.S. dating show The Bachelor in their group snaps on Instagram, playfully suggesting they were on a group date while swimming in the ocean.

The funny-woman even showed off a sweet shot of her hugging her furniture designer boyfriend, in a rare public display of affection. "Human centipedes," she jokingly captioned the picture.

The 34-year-old has previously laughed off the public interest in her new dating developments after poking fun at her single status throughout 2015.

"Apparently having a boyfriend is the biggest accomplishment of the year for me," Amy told Entertainment Tonight on the 2016 Golden Globe Awards red carpet shortly after the couple made its debut on social media.

"I also wrote a movie I starred in. I'm really proud of that, I worked on gun violence."

Her new man also has a big fan in Amy's close pal, Jennifer Lawrence, who gushed to Extra earlier this year: "Ben's great. Ben is, like, hot and, like, when I first saw him I was like, 'Ohhh...' He's super sweet, he does not have to be that nice because he's hot." 

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