10 brilliant beauty buys that'll save you hundreds of dirhams

All hail online shopping!
ByJulianne TolentinoSunday , 14 July 2019
10 brilliant beauty buys that'll save you hundreds of dirhams

Ready your squeals because Amazon is here to spoil us! Their Prime Day sale starts tomorrow and you won't believe how incredible their deals are. 

But yes, it can be extremely difficult to narrow down what you REALLY want to buy so we did the job for you.

Here are some of the best steals you absolutely cannot miss out on the Prime Day sale:

1.  Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

Want that tropical summer glow? This bronzer will not only make you look like you're glowing from the inside, it'll also soften and moisturize your skin. Yup, killing two birds with one stone for sure. 

Get it now on Amazon.ae 

2. Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her, Eau de Toilette

Let's talk about that 80% discount! You save up to Dhs342 AND get to smell like lavender and orange blossoms. Probably one of the best deals on Prime Day. 

Buy it now. 

3. Mario Badescu Facial Sprays

It's summertime in the UAE and let's face it, wearing makeup during the day can get extremely bothersome, especially when you're sweating buckets. That's when facial mists come to the rescue and these Mario Badescu ones are worth every penny. 

Rosewater will help soothe red, aggravated skin. 

Buy it now. 

4. NouNou Nourishing Repairing Mask

Ugh, the hot water can be so drying for your hair and don't worry, we feel your pain. That's why it's super important to nourish your locks with a quality hair mask. NouNou is made for dry and brittle hair, plus, it locks in moisture so expect your hair to shine under the sun. 

Glorious, shiny locks are just moments away people. 

Buy it now. 

5. Maybelline The 24 Karat Nudes Palette

Wanna spice up your everyday makeup look? Try out this shimmery nude palette from Maybelline. The unique selection of colours are perfect for day and night. But seriously, who doesn't love a little bit of glitter?

Get yours on Amazon.ae 

6. Real Techniques Sculpting Set

Here's a helpful beauty tip: The key to flawless makeup is actually using the best brushes and the Real Techniques set does not fall short in that category. The synthetic bristles are super soft and fluffy, and cleaning then won't be such a hassle. 

Buy the brushes online now. 

7. 'The Ordinary' Blemish Formula

Raise your hands if you hate those red, enflamed zits! This is for you oily to combination skin gals who are just so done dealing with acne. The Ordinary serum helps reduce blemishes, any redness and even promotes a more even tone all over. 

Clinical formulations make this super effective. 

Buy it now, on Amazon. 

8. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser

Clogged pores are the worst, and sometimes we tend to forget that using a good facial cleanser is an extremely important part of our skincare routine. But this Neutrogena facial cleanser is your first step to ensuring a clean base. It contains salicylic acid, perfect for preventing acne and stubborn blackheads. 

Get it online. 

9. Bath & Body Works Jasmine and Green Apple Body Butter

Bath & Body Works has established something of a cult following, so you know it's good. Enjoy this light and creamy whipped body butter to calm down your skin, moisturise and hydrate, and make you smell DELISH. 

Buy it online. 

10. The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Oil

It can be such a chore to remove makeup, especially when they're waterproof. Rubbing your makeup off with wipes can irritate your skin, so our tip: go for cleansing oils instead. It's fast, effective and will remove all your makeup in just a matter of seconds. The Face Shop's Rice Water Cleansing Oil contains a non-greasy formula so it won't dry out your skin or leave it feeling flaky. 

Buy yours now. 

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